Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve gone to the doctor and strictly followed all your treatment protocols, but you still feel stuck.
  • Your relatives & friends have a hard time understanding you and it leaves you feeling isolated and frustrated.
  • You feel like you’re trapped in a fight or flight response. Every little thing seems to have the potential to set you off on an emotional tailspin.
  • You’re struggling to maintain who you are, but it’s overshadowed by your diagnoses or search for an answer.

How Counseling Helps

When we’re trapped in a maze of confusing & painful symptoms, it’s really hard to hear our own voice underneath all that static. What’s even trickier is when we believe all the noise that isn’t ours. We can get caught up in who others expect us to be instead of being who we really are, unapologetically. When this happens, we’re believing someone else’s version of reality instead of living our own.

Those beliefs create thoughts that cycle on repeatedly, often unconsciously, in our minds. Before we know it, we’re lost in a sea of self-doubt that creates the perfect conditions in which disease can thrive.

We can’t see or hear what we do not believe, especially when we feel alone in the dark.

I’m here to turn on that light and guide you as you explore what your true beliefs are, without judgement & with complete acceptance.

When all parts of ourselves are accepted, we can begin the process of healing. But, the first step starts with our own awareness of what all those parts are and what they need from us to heal.

Why Work With Me?

Not only do I get where you’re coming from because of my own experiences healing from chronic illness, but I’m a pro.

With my background as a licensed clinical social worker, I’ve worked in some seriously intense environments throughout New York City, serving people who were marginalized in their communities, completely misunderstood, unwell, and unsure of their true identity based on their life experiences.

But, I never saw the trauma, I only saw the person.

My personal experiences have only magnified my desire to support the very community to which I belong. We all need the reminder that we are so much more than any labels that we received. I became a holistic life coach to utilize my professional training, without the requirement to define anyone with another stigmatizing diagnosis.

I look forward to meeting all of you!

Let’s Do This.

I offer individual 30 minute or 60 minute sessions & packages(described below). Contact me to schedule your appointment & alert me to any questions or concerns you may have about the session.

Your Personal Healing Infusion

In this session, we’ll get into all the details of where you are, what you’re experiencing, and begin to untangle all those emotional threads wrapped up in the symptoms. Once we identify the most pressing issue, I’ll guide you through it, providing you with the skills you’ll need to reach your own answers.

Remember, healing is a long-term commitment we make with ourselves. It’s a promise never to abandon our own truth, and discovering that truth can be painful at times. When we are willing to do the work and dive into our own discomfort, especially while recovering our health, we are rewarded.

We gain invaluable insight, awareness, and hone our intuition so that we can lead our most authentic life possible feeling empowered.

Personal Healing Infusion Packages

In addition to my 30 or 60 minute sessions, I also offer 1, 3, and 6 month packages comprised of weekly 60 minute sessions at a discounted rate.

Why get a package? You’re more likely to follow through with your self-care if you make an investment. You’re making a commitment to show up for you and ultimately that’s empowering. Click here for more info on pricing and packages.

Ready to make the next leap in your healing? Click here to book your first session.

All coaching sessions are via Skype or Phone for your convenience. As a client, you’ll always have my email support should you need it in between sessions. I try to respond to all emails as soon as I can, but please allow up to 24 hours for a response.