Your Story Matters. Here’s Why.

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

When I was more of a night owl, I spent a lot of time in the East Village at the theater Under St. Marks listening to one of the most powerful storytellers I’ve been fortunate to know in NYC, Peter Aguero. I’ve yet to meet someone as skilled at completely wrapping you up in his truth with a fierce intensity that strikes you right in the heart. When he speaks, you feel it- just pure, beautiful, bloody honesty.

In one of his many shows, Bare, he pairs storytellers with burlesque performers who illustrate their interpretation of the raw vulnerability contained in each story. It’s a brilliant way for the audience to delve into the most personal and sacred moments of a persons life, sharing in a collective wonderment at the vision of someone’s exposed soul.

I believe these are the most important kinds of stories because of their power to heal and transform us. They are the ones that make us stop, think, and reflect on our lives, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

This is how stories connect us. They remind us that we are not alone. Someone is courageously sharing a piece of their heart with you, and that’s some palpable shit.

By Peter standing in the spotlight with his bare truth, he gives permission for us to do the same. The more we keep stepping out in all our vulnerable glory, the more connected we’ll learn we are. And, as humans, we long for this connection. It’s necessary to feed the soul, which is truly the energy source of the body. It’s what keeps us going even when our bodies may appear to be failing us.

In this Ted Med Talk, Peter and his incredible wife, Sara Peters, share their story about the unwelcome third member of their marriage, Epilepsy.

Here they highlight the power that prevails when we stay connected and are reminded that we are not alone. That’s when hope grows, fueling us to keep on moving through the obstacles, together.

Now go on with your brave self and share some of your heart with us in the comments.



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