Why Am I Not Healing Faster?

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

Suffering is an activator for change. Use it to transform yourself from the inside out.

It’s only hard to change if we don’t really want it. Most people avoid it because of the discomfort it brings to shift out of the familiar-even if that familiarity is a painful experience-we get used to it because it’s all we know. And us humans tend to fear & judge the unknown because we want to be able to control what happens when we swim into those swirling waters of transformation.

If we truly desire change, we must be willing to endure the depths of all that keeps us from transforming into all the vitality we are each worthy of and sink into the abyss. This is not an easy process for most of us. It’s a constant battle between the truth in our hearts crying out for us to keep moving forward in faith in what we don’t always see, but can sense internally vs. old programming in our minds screaming that there’s no physical proof that what we sense is possible.

The moment¬†we begin to expand beyond these limitations in our minds is when we meet ourselves. Not the identities we’ve worn as the broken, sick or tortured person or the image of who anyone else expected us to be, but the essence of our soul which knows no definition.

We get to the physical change through our internal connection to ourselves and trusting what we feel. It’s then that we know where to move next. Eventually, we no longer question the soul’s cry, we simply sync our actions to it without hesitation. By this time, you’ll start seeing a very different reflection of the world.


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