Vito Mucci on Emotional Processing, Mental Illness, Violence, Empathy & Consciousness

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

Many of us go through our entire lives paralyzed by the fear of feeling certain emotions we’ve identified as painful. But, the irony is that the pain really lies in our resistance to the actual feeling. It’s because most of us never quite learned how to identify & process emotion in a conscious & productive way-which is a full body experience requiring our complete awareness.

In order for us to lead the healthiest lives possible, we each must allow the release of the energy that emotion asks of us. We have a tendency to overcomplicate this process, but it starts in the simplicity of shifting our perspective, and the way we’ve been conditioned to relate to our feelings.

It couldn’t be a more relevant time to share this interview with Vito Mucci, emotional processing master & author of Coffee for Consciousness 101: The Application of Perspective to Reality to dive further into this subject at this pivotal moment on the planet. If we each took responsibility for our internal experience of this reality, the external world as we know it would instantly transform. I already see signs of this occurring, and I refuse to allow any manifestations of fear, judgement & violence stop me from loving more deeply, believing in this truth & sharing it with you today.

Much love!


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