Using Social Media for Healing

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

We aren’t always conscious of the effect that social media has on our moods, and, therefore, our bodies. After being bed bound for a while, I noticed that I didn’t have the same tolerance I once had for the people, places, and things I once followed if they no longer fed me positive energy.

Even though scrolling through online platforms like Facebook has become a rote activity for most of us, I became keenly aware of its effects on my body over this period of intense recovery. There were an awful lot of messages of fear crossing my eyes on the daily and I could no longer ignore the impact it was having on my mood.

So, I decided I would routinely cleanse my newsfeed of any & all toxic messages that did not feed my spirit. While this may seem like a simple action, it had a profoundly favorable effect on my health.

Today, why not take a second or third look at what you casually browse?

And, make sure to spare yourself the guilt if this means no longer subscribing to other people you once considered friends. If they’re a downer, they will only bring you in one direction.

Always take care of you, first & foremost!



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