The Loss of Creative Genius Reminds Us of Our Own

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

Most human beings have confused the norm of the majority with the truth of the whole. For this reason, we can squeeze ourselves into that norm(which is just a collection of ideas we’re taught to accept without question), even if it’s not true to our individual experience.

But, when we disconnect from what’s true in our heart to go along with the manufactured program of a society, we lose connection to the very power fueling our existence:our spirit.

What’s so interesting to me is how we successfully cage our spirit, while collectively acknowledging & even idolizing the souls who not only break free from the restrictive programs, but create entirely new ones of their own.

Sure, they may be called weird by many, but we cannot deny our fascination.

We call these beings geniuses.

But, who we call a genius is simply someone that’s unconditionally connected to the power we all share. They’re the ones who remind us to expand our vision beyond the accepted ideas of the time and explore the infinite ways we can each express ourselves & create in this mysterious place we dwell in called reality.

We all have this creative spark, so why not free ourselves, move in the direction of whatever ignites our heart & soul and light the world on fire as they so brilliantly do.


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