The Connection Between Dental Health & Chronic Illness

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

Millions of people, including myself up until a year or two ago, have no idea that chronic illness & dental health share a strong connection.

As I relentlessly searched for the reasons why my physical symptoms remained chronic, something kept coming up.

It was the term: cavitation.

I noticed that many of the people who regained their health after a series of Lyme Disease relapses had a surgery to address their cavitations, and not one of them had any regrets or doubts about sharing the incredible transformation they experienced thereafter.

In today’s video, I’m happy to finally be able to personally share my experience with the 4 major cavitation surgeries I’ve undergone over the past 3 months, and how they have radically improved my health.

Join medical herbalist & neuroendocrine expert, Tami Bronstein, & I as we discuss the many reasons why this is such a pivotal point in my healing and how it may be an underlying issue to address in yours.

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