The Art of Receiving

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

Before we can get what we desire, we must first clear away anything that blocks us from receiving it. We have to clean out whatever is no longer in alignment with those wishes, and that means going into all the nooks & crannies where the old occupies space. Even if we think we’ve cleared the clutter, our experiences will always show us how true that really is. If emotions are getting triggered left & right, our job is to feel into them for release.

This means demonstrating greater levels of patience with ourselves as we clear and coming to that place of balance before we receive & embody the new. We have to go through a gestation period. If we don’t allow ourselves this time to incubate, our manifestations will not¬†mature in time to be fully birthed into life. Trust & allow the process to grow as naturally as possibly. Nothing in creation can blossom without timing & space in which to grow.


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