Stop Using The Past Against Yourself & Others

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

Throughout my life, I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of pain in relationships due to expectations, judgements & assumptions. All three of these things are directly affected by how much we choose to hold onto past experiences with people in our lives that we perceived caused us pain or fear of a future outcome.

But, whatever we hold onto from the past or expect for a future is just sitting inside ourselves until we decide to either let it go or create so much pain that we cannot ignore it anymore. If we want to be free from this kind of emotional discomfort, we must come into the truth of this moment, which is always up to us to create.

The most loving things is always going to be coming from a space of honoring ourselves. This means freeing our minds, bodies & hearts of any judgement. Once we do this, we are gifted with energy to create a life from a place of clarity vs. a place of projecting our unresolved stuff onto ourselves & everyone around us.

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