Sharing Perspectives vs. Being an Authority

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

It’s been a little while since I’ve connected with you for several reasons. Mostly, I’ve been reviewing the last two years since creating The Daily Infusion & what my intentions were always deeply rooted in. I aim to share my experiences as means of reflecting a perspective on unifying the body, mind & spirit- knowing that I continue to be in my own constantly evolving process along the way.

There are many things that occur when we voice the truth of our individual journey, however that looks & however that sounds over time. Whether it’s with the intimate connections in our life or publicly with the world, it all comes down to finding strength in our vulnerabilities, and using courage as a bridge to feel truth, freedom & unconditional love within ourselves.

We’ll perceive challenges & experience emotions along this bridge, and we’ll continue to be confronted with the choice to withdraw that courage in the name of “comfortably” hiding in those old familiar places where our body, mind & spirit can disconnect once more.

But, if we’re determined to reclaim our wholeness, we’ll bravely feel the emotions each challenge triggers, and risk being misunderstood & projected upon in the process while honestly exploring & sharing ourselves as we dance between the art of using boundaries to refuel & removing them to connect from a more balanced place inside of ourselves.

This is the risk I’m willing to take every time I touch these keys or use my voice.

I can do this because I know it’s ultimately every individual’s responsibility to nourish themselves wholeheartedly through examining what resonates with them and discovering what’s true in their heart in any given moment.

I’m not the authority over anyone but me.

I’m simply one point in a sea of infinite perspectives that you may or may not find a glimpse of your own reflection in at times.

And if you find yourself in my reflection, I welcome that.

And if you don’t, I welcome that, too.Because I only wish for us all to find the freedom that comes with connecting to who & what inspires our spirit at all times.

This is how we grow more deeply into unconditional love. We may not always see from the same point of perspective as one another, but it doesn’t make any particular point more or less valid-it’s simply an experience. We get to create our own experience of life through the way we choose to respond to ourselves and the world.

I chose to share from the inspiration in my heart, without the expectation that anyone must agree. I do this because it fuels my spirit, not to be an expert authority figure with the most followers, but because I get to meet myself in everything and everyone the more I do so.


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