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by: Jamie Rautenberg

I continue to live in a daily process of strengthening my will in order to examine all the ways I’ve disconnected from truths about myself that may keep me engaged in unloving choices that harm myself & the world around me.
Throughout this process, it’s become clearer to me how there’s an immense link between the state of my emotional/mental health & how I viewed my value as a human being.
I believed because of the painful emotions that lingered within me, as a result of many traumatic experiences, that somehow I was less worthy of a full & healthy life. It was because of this belief I continued to engage in addictive patterns that had varying affects on my physical & emotional health.
The key to deconstructing this belief was understanding that having an emotional experience based on an emotional event does not determine our value as a human being, it simply means we are a human being.
If we’ve had negative experiences, it doesn’t mean anything about our worth if we have negative feelings about that experience. It may seem simple, but it can be very challenging to see in a world which feeds our judgements. It’s these judgements which mentally repeat that keep us from doing the one thing that frees us- allowing the experience of emotion, even if it means we’ll be uncomfortable.
We may not be responsible for creating those original hurts, but we are responsible for feeling through them in a loving way if we wish to achieve balanced health and experience a full life.


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