How to Reframe The Pain

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

Something that’s become glaringly obvious as I’ve recovered my health has been the role I play in my own progress or regression. In times of profound pain, it can be hard to recognize our power, but I promise that the pain can only affect us to the level we resist it or ignore it.

Does this mean that I never get caught up in a moment of “I can’t take this anymore!”?

Hell no!

In fact, just this past week I went for a few too many walks in the height of the daytime heatwave here in Los Angeles. I haven’t been sleeping as much due to construction going on next door and I wasn’t being terribly conscious about my water intake.

The physical and mental exertion of the week without a ton of rest & hydration was enough to trigger some painful symptoms.

And so, I asked myself, how can I reframe this pain? What is it telling me?

Immediately, I knew exactly what choices lead me here.

I self-corrected by adjusting the time of my daily walk, replenished our supply of raw coconut water(aka my life juice), drank more water, threw in extra meditation time, and went to bed earlier to ensure I’d get enough rest.

After just one day of adjustments, I was nearly back to myself.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this technique. What’s an unpleasant experience that you’re feeling right now & how can it be reframed? Share with us below! 


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