Power Struggles in Relationships

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

I did a little experiment recently by going onto a dating app. I didn’t have any intention except to see​ what this experience was like & engage with others in a new way without making any judgements about something I didn’t know about. What it quickly revealed was the fundamental power struggle that occurs in most human relating, sometimes without our own conscious awareness.

With each text exchange, I could immediately sense the energetic feeding attempt in the form of trying to receive attention or validation based on a very small slice of information.

Where we place our attention is where our power & energy is given. I invite you to consider where yours is going.

When we cultivate our own power, we don’t need to feed off another to gain it, we just are it. Do you have the ability to feed yourself without taking from another?

Power games will continue in every relationship we have until we can recognize that we are not entitled to another’s energy-our job is to circulate our own and refuel through the free sources of it available to us all.

If you’ve ever step foot in the ocean, breathed in the sky, climbed a mountain or appreciated the grass underneath your toes, you can feel it-that same natural force which constantly gives its own abundance without asking for anything in return.

May the force be with you. 🙂


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