Lottie Ryan talks Empowering Women w/Chronic Illness

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

I’m honored to introduce everyone to my dear friend & colleague in the chronic illness world, Lottie Ryan. Lottie & I share in some fundamental core values about recovering our lives from serious illness. We all have the ability to go as far as we believe ourselves capable to be, and there really can’t be enough support along the road to living beyond survival mode.

Join Lottie & I in our discussion about how to turn around the thoughts and experiences that can often play over in our minds keeping us from truly living and creating our days. Our goal is to make that shift from surviving to thriving.

And, for the record, you get to decide what thriving looks like for you!

Keep on the lookout for more to come with Lottie & I- we’ve got some exciting collaborations coming up in 2015.

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  1. Lizzy - The Pillow Fort  November 26, 2014

    As a fellow B-Schooler, I’ve been following both you lovely ladies for a while, but this interview is absolutely wonderful <3 Thank you so much for sharing. You both have such a refreshing take on life with chronic illness!

    • admin  November 26, 2014

      Thanks, Lizzy! Likewise. What you do for young people with chronic illness is an amazing support for the community. Much love to you! <3


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