Just Type.

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by: Jamie Rautenberg


Just Type.
I wrote these words unable to move from my bed three years ago following a surgery that would transform my life in the most miraculous ways. It lead to profound connections with beautiful souls, the formation of my business, and all the works I create each day to share the evolution of what’s possible when we bust through the mental prison of fear that cage us from living our truest expression.

If you have a dream that fills your heart with the breath of love, bring it here now.

Just dance. Just sing. Just paint. Just sculpt. Just film. Just act. Just speak.

Just create.

Even if that means all we do is simply connect to the awareness of our own being right here, right now, and get conscious of the energy we contain & emit from within us and decide if that energy is in alignment with all those dreams we wish for.

And then, just ask.

Ask the universe for it, and allow the guidance with an open heart & mind to lead the way as you follow those whispers of inspiration coming from the depths of your soul.

All I longed to create birthed itself into existence when I decided to…

Just Type
January 2013

Emotional struggle is something I know about well. As a therapist, it’s my job. As a writer, it seems to be a prerequisite. But, it’s not emotional struggle that brings me here to start the process that I’ve been blocked from for nearly a decade.

I moved to New York City in the summer of 2002 to study writing. It was a solitary time of exploration. My insomnia was greeted with the beauty of a sparkling city and all its wild creatures. My nights were filled with endless walks of discovery. I stumbled upon hidden parks, men playing chess, authentic Belgian french fries, historical architecture, film students discussing their favorite works, strangers smoking cigarettes together, karaoke, 50 different kinds of whiskey, couples sharing passion, and somewhere during the 4am hour, I discovered the calm that washes over it all. I lived for those peaceful moments at dawn when the streets cleared and the remaining twinkling lights were extinguished, revealing the city’s raw and natural state.

I don’t take those walks anymore.

Last year I began a journey of physical struggle that has stripped my body of its ability to wander aimlessly and endlessly as I knew it. So, I return to the written word with renewed hope and faith that I may get to experience that beauty and discovery once again. I vow to fight against my subconscious resistance and listen to the words that have been echoing in my mind for years: Just type.


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