Introducing the Interview Series: Meet Alexandra Greenawalt

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

When I spent most of my days in bed hooked up to an IV, I lived for my connection to the outside world via this very same laptop I’m typing on today.

I spent my hours discovering beautiful souls who gave TED Talks & extraordinary people on YouTube sharing their philosophies on self-healing. Not only did I learn way more than any doctor has ever taught me, but I also made friends in the process.

If it weren’t for YouTube, I have my doubts that The Daily Infusion would exist as it does today.

So, I promised myself I would always give back.

Today, I’m releasing the first of many interviews with wellness experts & amazing souls who’ve moved through extreme adversity and uncovered ways of better serving the world. They also managed to consciously design a life that better serves themselves.

In this week’s interview, I’m so happy to introduce Alexandra Greenawalt. Alexandra is a highly successful NYC- based personal stylist & fashion expert whose life took an interesting turn when she discovered she was living with late-stage Lyme Disease + various co-infections.

Alexandra & I met through the incomparable Marie Forleo’s B-School, where we both received our unofficial MBA & learned how to run an online business. In the weeks before I moved to LA, I had the pleasure of meeting my fellow entrepreneurs from the virtual classroom in Central Park. Within an hour, Alexandra & I discovered we shared a very similar healing path.

I was especially impressed by the non-negotiable self-care methods she created for herself to ensure she is always in alignment with what is best for her mind, body, & spirit. I believe everyone could benefit from her suggestions.

Watch & consider them.

What are your self-care routines? Share with us in the comments below! 


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