How We Gain Wisdom from Humility

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

The paradox of the human experience is that we gain extraordinary amounts of wisdom through the courageous acknowledgement of our vulnerability, humility and willingness to be wrong. Clarity arises from deep within an open heart that embraces the potential of infinite possibilities & perspectives in any given moment, without attachment that one of these potentials will always be true. If we can be flexible with ourselves and each other in this way, we’d all be operating from a space of real compassion and learn the incredible value of enhancing our experiences through our differences.



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  1. Kayla at Aroga Yoga  April 8, 2016

    Beautiful video as always, Jamie! I love your thoughts on spirituality and how it can enhance our experience of being human :). Sending love and compassion your way xx

    • admin  April 11, 2016

      Thanks, Kayla! Much love!xo


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