“Good Will Hunting Syndrome ” & the Search for Knowledge vs. Wisdom

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

When it comes to reaching a place of harmony and understanding of stressful circumstances in life, it’s easy to fall into endless cycles of searching for knowledge to confirm what’s “wrong”. As my physical & emotional health became more imbalanced, I turned to google, medical texts, message boards, doctors, and watched countless videos in the hopes I’d uncover that answer.

I gathered a ton of information, and received bits of clarity in moments, but nothing could ever provide me with the wisdom that comes with trusting my own experience and feelings.

I’m beyond grateful to those who continue to share their experiences, as I do, in order to provide glimpses into ourselves, but it’s never going to be the full picture. After we gather the knowledge, our job is to filter it through our own lens of experience and feel for what’s true.


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