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by: Jamie Rautenberg

When it comes to healing, I’ll probably always be preaching about the importance of finding support & connecting with others through it.

I honestly don’t know if I’d be here typing this today if I didn’t depend on the kindness & generosity of strangers sharing their learning experiences with me online and personally.

Something really beautiful happened the moment I surrendered to the fact that maybe my well-intentioned doctors didn’t have all the answers I was seeking, and I hopped online to learn about what others were going through. I began to hone my intuition & discernment to feel out who resonated with me, and I simply listened with a flexible mind.

Once I opened to what others had to share, incredible synchronicities began to unfold. Each person lead to another amazing discovery that enabled my healing to reach new levels.

I will forever be grateful to every singe soul I stumbled upon and I continue to seek them out to personally thank each of them.

If you only do one thing for your healing, I would suggest cultivating passionate curiosity for what you can learn from strangers with an open heart & mind. I promise, your body, mind & spirit will thank you.

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