Feeling Terror & Collective/Personal Trauma

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

This is a time where the majority of the world is experiencing heightened sensations of terror to a tremendous extent.

If you’re an ultra-sensitive empathic soul like me, you’ll be moving through various forms of sensations & feelings that seem to arise randomly, to varying degrees of discomfort & for varying lengths of time.

Depending on how willing you are to engaging these emotional waves of life, a traumatic response(fighting, avoiding, or numbing out) may or may not be your default experience at this moment.

I’ve been engaging my own emotional process/trauma recovery¬†for quite some time, and needed the space to digest these sensations before emerging with clarity over how I’d like to take action from this point in our collective & in my personal life experience.

So, I’m speaking to this period in our history today with a message that remains as true to my heart & soul as it ever was.


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