Developing Authentic Relationships

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

Our society is built upon having relationships​, with ​the emphasis​ on engaging with others​,​ often before we fully understand or develop ​that engagement with our​self, our thoughts & true feelings. It’s really important to acknowledge this because the quality of the relationship we have with ourselves will directly affect the one we have with others​-​​ whether it’s with family​,​ friendships​,​ ​work or in romantic partnerships​.

​I​t’s not until we fully embrace ours​elves without judgement ​that ​we can do the same with another​.​ ​Wi​​​thout mastering this, we unconsciously place expectations on one another to fulfill our needs.

​I​f​/when​ these relationships don’t live up to what we’ve projected onto ​them, it can be a devastating to us​. ​​So, I’m inviting us to consider a new way of approaching them altogether. One that begins by learning ​t​o place that emphasis back on our own hearts​,​ first ​& foremost.

This begins with ​detaching from the identities & roles ​we’ve created in ​relation to others​,​ so we can fully ​remember & embrace​ ​​ourselves. ​​​It’s the only way to create the authentic relationships we desire. Connection can only take place w​ithout compromising the honest & loving relationship we develop with ourselves.

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