Dealing with Anger/Rage, Self-Punishment & Blame

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

Refusal to admit or honestly express that we’re angry does not mean we’re a gentle person, it means we’re in denial. If we don’t acknowledge this internal sensation, eventually that anger will be expressed in an imbalanced way towards ourself or another, so how gentle is that really?

The gentlest & most compassionate way we could address anger is simply admitting it’s there, without participating in rage-filled acts(large or small) with others & ourselves. This will inevitably expose the deeper truth of sadness that lay underneath the quiet rage due to the original cause of pain.

The things we feel angry about in this moment most likely are not the root cause of our rage. They’re a result of not allowing ourselves to consciously feel the full emotional truth of many experiences the first time around.

Here’s how I like to feel things through in real time.


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