Dealing w/Expectations, Suffering & Desire

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By: Jamie Rautenberg

Moving in the direction of a feeling we desire is moving in the direction to what’s in alignment with your deepest truth. It’s like the soul saying you’re getting warmer to your most natural intended state of being. The key is to move in this direction in the healthiest way possible.

For my perspective, desire is not necessarily about the person or the object, but the state of being it represents. So attaching to the external representation is kinda like trying to possess a character on a movie screen rather than enjoying the feeling it brings to my being.

Attachment creates suffering because it removes the responsibility off of us to cultivate our desired feeling state from within and hands all our personal power over to an outside reflection of our own lack belief (i.e. the object of our desire that we try to possess as a means of manipulating our emotional state and perpetually repeating to ourselves that it’s not here).

We can simply enjoy the desired feeling state without attachment to how that external reflection shows up.

So I don’t see that desire is wrong or that which causes pain, it’s how we choose to perceive & use it- will it be an opportunity for your soul to show you the feelings you’re capable of creating from within through personal responsibility or will you create suffering because you believe you lack this ability without the possession of the external object. It’s always our choice. I choose to align with those things that match my desired vibe and find that pleasant people & experiences show up by default this way.


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