Blending Spirituality with Humanness

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

To become spiritual means to become more of who we already are at our core.

Our true essence is a beautiful multi-dimensional & unbelievably powerful being filled with an enormous capacity to embody & share love, yet we’re still dressed in our very vulnerable human skin experiencing the emotional play of life every single day.

Acknowledging & integrating both of these truths is the key to living in & growing this love that we are.

To deny either one of them is to live unconsciously in a prison of our own making. The moment we embrace the spiritual human we are, is the moment we free ourselves and become our most empowered & authentic self-bumps, bruises, traumas & all.

So, I’m sharing my raw reflection after falling face first on the concrete sidewalk last night. It may not look pretty, but it’s the truth of my reality.

And, ultimately, it’s the naked truth in our collective realities that makes life so heartbreakingly beautiful.

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