Are We Feeling Our Emotions or Mentally Indulging in Triggers(Trauma Recovery)

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

Many of us try to mentally understand our feelings instead of actually experiencing them, especially when we’ve gone through trauma(s).

But, when we do this, we can become hyper-vigilant with our attempts to manage life as a means to avoid connecting to those uncomfortable sensations under our skin.

This was me the majority of my life! I never quite felt safe enough to really truly be with me and feel all that went with it.

But, I eventually learned that when we remove the mental analysis and connect back into the body, emotions can be felt through and released without harm.

These emotions simply want our attention so they can move.

Each time we do this, we grow in trust that we are safe to feel life wholeheartedly, without distractions and mentally indulging in stories that reinforce our powerlessness.

When it comes to trauma recovery, the only way out is through the feeling in our bodies, which hasn’t always seemed like the safest place for us to be.


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