Amy B. Scher on Energy Therapy, Lyme Disease & How to Heal Yourself

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

​Following the trail of synchronicity may not lead us where we thought we’d be, but it will always get us to our soul’s divine destination. As I began trusting in resonance of this truth, my apparently dying body subtly transformed with each new experience I encountered. I learned to let go of my mental projections and simply rest in the truth of my own being-which was that I am ok.

Along my healing path, I discovered many others who walked this journey as they cultivated the inner strength and faith in themselves to release all that blocked them from resting in the authenticity of their existence. They accepted each aspect of their experience, even if that meant swan diving into a pool of physical, mental & emotional agony.

We all reach this point of surrender in many ways. A breakdown on every level of our being was the alarm bell my soul required, but we don’t all have to profoundly suffer in this way to awaken, embrace & live the truth in our heart & soul.

I’m honored to share this interview with the amazing Amy B. Scher, energy therapist & author of the upcoming book “How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can”, where we discuss the transformative healing that occurs when we’re brave enough to explore the energy we hold within us and how we can allow its release in order for us to reach alignment, balance & peace within our being, no matter what we may be going through or how desperate the situation may appear.


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