10 Minutes of This Could Change Your Life

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by: Jamie Rautenberg

If you browsed through my online wellness guide (sign up for my newsletter below this post to get yours!), you probably noticed that I’m a huge fan of Ted Talks. I love how they always crack open my mind to a new way of seeing and being. In this talk, mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe discusses the amazing powers of becoming a witness to ourselves through meditation.

Trust me, I know how difficult it seems for those of us living through chronic pain & illness, but there’s now a ton of research backing up the biological changes that occur in our bodies and minds through this intentional practice. Once we learn how to get out of our heads and become a quiet observer of our inner world, we can begin to connect with our own wisdom and hear what our body needs.

If we’re really honest with ourselves, we could all spare 10 minutes, so why not consider making this a part of your wellness routine?


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